Fire Protection (Dorset)

Fire Safety Products

As well as a wide range of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Protection can also provide you with other fire safety products including

  • Fire Blankets
  • Fire Extinguisher Stands
  • Fire Extinguisher Covers.
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Please contact Fire Protection with your requirements and we can obtain it for you.

We also provide a range of fire safety signage such as:

  • Fire Exit Signs
  • Fire Extinguisher Identification
  • Fire Extinguisher Usage
Fire Exit SignsFire Extinguisher Information

Fire Protection will supply and fit the signs in line with fire safety obligations.

The Codes of Practice for signs and markings used for fire safety give recommendations for height and location of signs to improve the chance of a safe and effective evacuation of the building in the event of fire. They give advice on best practice and the use of signs in a consistent manner across the environment/organisation.